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Headquartered on Cape Cod, Massachusetts, Glidden Training & Consulting, LLC is an innovative leadership training firm that specializes in giving today’s leaders the tools they need to reduce negativity and improve morale, accountability, and performance in the workplace.


Ronald C. Glidden


Ron is a leading authority on leadership and interpersonal communications, and specializes in reducing negativity and improving morale in the workplace. He is a retired police chief with over 26 years of law enforcement experience, and has a master's degree in criminal justice. Ron began training both recruit and veteran officers at a Massachusetts municipal police academy in 1994. By 1999, he was offering law enforcement training throughout Massachusetts as an independent trainer. In 2004, Ron founded Glidden Training & Consulting and has since trained thousands of law enforcement professionals. Ron is a member of the National Speakers Association, and now travels throughout the United States giving presentations on leadership issues with a special focus on improving employee morale, accountability, and performance. 

You can contact Ron directly at chief@ronglidden.com.